AIICP – Association India Italy for Cooperation and Partnership is pleased to invite you to an online webinar:

Conscious Production & Consumption for the 21st Century:

Wednesday, 24 November 2021 11 AM (CET) – 3,30 PM (IST)

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Can the market create demands for a fairer fashion industry? How can a 360 degrees sustainability approach make a company more successful? Can a company be born with sustainability at its core? Are Italian craftsmanship traditions similar to Indian?
This webinar will try to answer these and other questions, while also exploring the benefits of real sustainable strategies in the fashion industry versus a “greenwashing” approach by listening to the voices of Italian and Indian companies who, since many years, have already made sustainability the core of their business model.
This event is part of a series of meetings promoted by AIICP – Association India Italy for Cooperation and Partnership – an independent Indo-Italian association established at the end of 2019 with the aim of promoting closer cooperation and relations between the two countries. AIICP believes that a better understanding of each other is an essential prerequisite of a fruitful economic and commercial relationship and intends to devote special attention to meetings and contacts favouring an in depth knowledge of our respective societies and culture, addressing the stereotypes that persists on both sides and making full use of the complementarities highlighted by the natural empathy between our two peoples.
The webinar will be in English only, with no translation and it is organized by AIICP in collaboration with Invest India and FDCI – Fashion Design Council of India.


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